Viv Wilkins

Although Viv Wilkins has been successfully designing and jointly running Initial Design Consultancy in Selston, Nottingham for many years she still felt that she needed to be even more creative. She decided to concentrate on stained glass, which she had dabbled in by designing her own front door and window panels about six years earlier.

Her designs range from the traditional, to her interpretation of recognised artists or art movements, such as Mackintosh and Art Deco, to very abstract, flowing or geometric themes.

Using mainly glass, or for certain pieces acrylic, this is then covered with coloured film and adhesive lead strips and occasionally adds complimentary materials. Using acrylic enables Viv to have complex shapes that are very difficult to produce in glass. She also mounts the glass on beautiful pieces of wood and is now developing a range of larger sculptural pieces for indoors and out.

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